Friday, November 13, 2009

Manual Mode

Trying to get a hang of the manual mode in my Point and Shoot - tried a Shutter Speed - 1/6 to 1/15 and aperture: f/2.8

the results are pretty decent .... though it took some 5 - 6 shots to get it right.... well, almost... :)

This ring belonged to my grandmother - Didi and I had bought it for her with our first salaries put together.... the first diamond in our family worn by a most precious person.... she wore it till she was conscious..... two of the few things I don't part with... memory of my cuddly cute, adorable, way ahead of her times, Dida.... and her ring....

the best part about shooting with a high aperture and slow shutter speed - how sweetly it blurs the messy background ..a.k.a my room, a near clear focus on the ring... u get brownie points for ignoring the ugly fingers.... ;)

hmmm.... u cud call this next picture an ode to one of the other regulars in my pocket.... ya, ya, i've heard about it's carcinogenic properties.... nevertheless, the packaging is quite bright and attractive.... :D

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