Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Team Outbound at Destiny Resorts (April 2008)

Some snapshots from our recent team outbound training at Destiny Resorts - a beautiful farm resort 30 kms from Ooty. I need more time to write a blog on how much fun we had during this trip... but till then chill out on these... more to come soon...

Early morning lake view

Late evening lake view

Red Dragon

Blue Fool

Wild Yellow

Silly Flower

Pretty Pink


Protecting the young one

Raft - In Process

Rafting - Team A

Rafting - Team B :)

Our Dinner on the way!!!

Clicking a Masterprice

Scenic Break - during the trek

Copying Ancestors?

Who's the fungus? ;)

Laughter Break

Chilling Out

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sabarmati Ashram - December 2006

I am a history freak... I love relics, forts, meuseums, and anything remotely old/antique :D

The visit to the Sabarmati Ashram was a treat of its kind... although most of Gandhi ji's belongings including his ashes have been moved to the Shri Gandhi Ashram at Delhi and to the Ashram at Porbandhar, just walking on the same grounds where the great man once walked, sitting by the ghats of Sabarmati... was an experience I cannot explain....

Inspite of all the arguements that go through your mind regarding Gandhi's philosophies, his weakness when it came to Nehru, his contribution to the partition... you just cannot ignore this man's struggle, his single minded determination, .... a common man with uncommon grit under adverse conditions... Bande me tha Dum!!!

My friend who clicked these shots at the Sabarmati Ashram Meuseum was thoroughly bored and was chewing my brain till I promised him that if he took some cool shots, we would make a documentary on Gandhi ...believe me people, it's not easy clicking snaps from framed photographs... you have to get the right angle, avoid the lens flash, check the lighting... I am publishing some of my favorite snaps from this album ... Great effort bits... hope we can work on that documentary soon :)

Sabarmati - 1925

Led by a young Follower

Swadeshi Movement

Cold War

Brothers separated at Birth? - With Frontier Gandhi

The crowd puller

The endless walk!!! (Dandi March)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Laws of Nature

The Woeing

Wild Run

The Frontliners

Dry Span

Little Nothings

Here are some snaps clicked by me and best bud for a photography competion... ofcourse we din't win... but had great fun shooting nevertheless... Enjoy people... more to come soon..

Life out of Focus

Get Thorned

Scarlett O' Hara

Color Coded